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Chinese Consul General Mr. LI Shugang accepted the donation from "WA China Quake Help Fund"


A dozen of representatives of WA Chinese Association came to the Chinese Consulate General in Perth to forward the donation from "WA China Quake Help Fund" to Chinese Consul General Mr. Li Shugang on 30th June, 2008.

5 • 12 Wenchuan earthquake affected the vast number of overseas Chinese in WA. After the earthquake, 12 WA Chinese Communities set up the "WA China Quake Help Fund" to call on the overseas Chinese to donate to help the earthquake areas. The "Fund" has raised a total of 206,997.74 Australian dollars till 30th June.

Mr. Li accepted the check and promised that he will forward the donation to the quake area through Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C. He said after the earthquake, the overseas Chinese in WA raised funds in various ways. So far, the donation from overseas Chinese, Chinese-funded companies, Chinese students and people from all circles in WA reached over 600 thousand Australian dollars. It reflects the patriotism of overseas Chinese that although they live overseas, their heart is together with the motherland. It is also the embodiment of Chinese tradition that when disaster struck, help came from all sides. On behalf of Chinese Consulate General in Perth, Mr. Li expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the overseas Chinese in WA.

Western Australia Chinese Chamber of Commerce donated 123,050 Australian dollars to theSichuan earthquake area through the Red Cross. Chinese Consul General Mr. Li Shugang attended the donation ceremony in the morning of 30th June.

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