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Consul General Dr. Huang Qinguo's speech at the Consulate General's Public Open Day

Dear Teachers,

Dear Boys and Girls,

Distinguished guests,

Good morning! I am Huang Qinguo, Chinese Consul General in Perth. Welcome you to join us in the Consulate General Open  Day event.

Referring to China, the memories emerging from your mind may be the authentic Chinese food in Northbridge Chinese restaurants, friendly Chinese classmates and teachers, vivid Chinese dragon and lion dance or the American movie Kung Fu Panda, etc. However, for those kids who have ever been to China, their knowledge about China is definitely much more than this. Today, I hope to take this opportunity to brief you some major highlights of China.

The first point: a country with vast territory, a bit similar to Australia. The land area of China is 9.6 million square kilometers, ranked No.3 in the world following Russia and Canada. China has complex landform, rich natural resources, beautiful mountains and rivers.

The second point: a country with the largest population in the world. China's population is over 1.3 billion, 50 more times of Australia.  China is a multi-ethnic country with 56 ethnic groups harmoniously living in a big family.

The third point: a country with a long history. China has more than 5000 years of civilization. Over 900 years ago, China has created the four great inventions - printing, gunpowder, paper-making technique, and the compass, which largely facilitate the spreading of the civilization in the world.

Today, a hot topic of China is the Chinese dream. Chinese dream means better life, better living environment, better education and job opportunity. This dream is not solely for Chinese people, but for all people in the world. It is a common dream for everyone to seeking for a peaceful and prosperous world.

Finally, I hope all of you can do your best to learn Chinese  language, therefore get better understanding on Chinese history and culture. I believe you'll become friendly ambassadors to China and make contribution to the development of relationship between China and Australia.

Thank you!

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