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Dr.Liu Yutong's speech at Australia-China Youth Association Charity Gala

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening,

It is my great pleasure to attend Australia-China Charity Gala. To start with, on behalf of Chinese Consulate General in Perth, I would like to convey our best regards to "Half the Sky Austrlia" for its great efforts in pushing forward the China-Australia charity programs since its establishment, and I would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the friends from all sectors who have been dedicating to helping the poor in China.

Over the past years, remarkable achievement has been made in poverty reduction in China thanks to its rapid economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. However , there are still 128million poor people , accounting for 13.4% and 10% of the country's rural and total population respectively. In China's Central and Western regions in particular, the infrastructure facilities are weak, the educational , health care and other supporting services are out of date , a number of orphans are facing the difficulty of survival and in dire need of help. The theme of tonight's Charity Gala is to care for and support the orphans in China, which is a work of merit. It will make the Chinese people feel the deep friendship of the Australian people towards them.

The organizer of tonight's charity Gala is Australia–China Youth Association, which works closely with Australia China Friendship Society WA. For years, these non-governmental friendship associations have made marvelous contribution to promoting the friendship between China and Australia. Many for them like Wally Frick, Jeoffrey Davis,Dr. Green are good friends of the Chinese People, who have been dedicating to the China-Australia friendship. Led by these seniors ,The Australia-China Youth Association upholds the torch of China-Australia friendship and continues to do its best to contribute to strengthening the friendship.

Youth is the future of a country , the hope of a nation, and the future of the China-Australia friendship falls on the shoulder of the young people. In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of people to people exchanges between our two peoples, the communication between the youth has also been increasingly closer. Many western Australian young people go to visit China and a lot of Chinese students come to study here. The governments of the two countries attach great importance to the communication between the young people. There are plenty of exchange programs involving government, business, university, press and other areas. The "New Colombo Plan" launched by the Australia government will have China in its plan , the aim is to help Australian young people understand more about China.

Then how can young people contribute to strengthening the relationship between Australia and China? I think the key is to understand China's Culture. You should understand China's Culture before you understand the country and the nation. China has such a long history and so profound culture that cannot be easily understood in a short time. I have two proposals for you, one is to learn Chinese language well because mandarin is the key to the treasure of Chinese culture. Of course, maybe Chinese is not easy to learn, but I saw very excellent Australian contestant in Chinese Bridge Competition. At the just concluded final competition, Luo Lianna from Australia won the net star and state championship respectively. The other is to visit China on a frequent bases. As a Chinese saying goes no practice, no gain in one's wit. Only in China can you understand its culture profoundly. If you have an interest, the Consulate General in Perth would like offer visa facilitation.

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's been 42 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Australia. Over the past 42 years, China-Australia relations have kept moving forward and achieved healthy and steady growth despite twists and turns. The Chinese president Xi Jinping is going to pay a state visit to Australia this November, this will inject positive energy to the development of China Australia relations and also bring new opportunities.

In conclusion, let me wish China-Australia Friendship be passed from generation to generation between the two young peoples and a brighter future for China-Australia relations. Thank you !

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