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Speech of Acting Consul Genral in Perth at 2014 WACCC Annual Gala Ball

Honorable Mr. Philip Ruddock, MP, Chief Government Whip,

Honorable Dr. Mike Nahan, Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests,
Mr. Clive Brown, on behalf of Hon Mark McGowan MLA, Leader of the Opposition,
Mr. Khoon Tan, President of WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce,
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

It's such a pleasure to join you here at the 2014 Annual Gala Ball of the Western Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, to catch up with old friends and meet with new. I've been in Perth for 2 years now and this is my third time attending the Gala Ball, each time to find a different and innovative theme ,which is so impressive.

The theme for this year is"Chinese Stars - in Hollywood". It reminds me of all those big names, like movie star Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Ziyi Zhang, Joan Chen, and producer Ang Lee, John Woo Yu-Sen, and those masterpieces with Chinese elements like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Kung Fu Panda", "Rumble In The Bronx", "Human Target", etc. At the beginning of the Chinese movie industry, many brilliant Chinese film-makers, actors and actresses have worked hard and blazed their trail in Hollywood. With their unique oriental beauty, professional quality and excellent performances, they have gradually won the hearts of Hollywood fans. They're representing an unique scenery line of oriental beauty that highly enriched the movie culture in Hollywood.

The story of Chinese film-makers, actors and actresses struggling for success is a story that Chinese and western film learn from each other. By learning advanced techniques and ideas from western predecessors and absorbing the essence of profound Chinese culture, the Chinese film-makers successfully created plenty of excellent films with attractive topics and rich contents, thus contributing to the current outstanding status of Chinese film culture in the world .

The story of Chinese film-makers, actors and actresses struggling for success also reflects the history of China's development and progress ,and the rise of the Chinese nation. We now see more Chinese faces in Hollywood where traditionally there were only western actors and actresses on the screen; we watch masterpieces co-invested by Chinese and their foreign counterparts who used to hold tight to their pockets; we witness various titles and prizes go to Chinese directors and their works began to share the top lists of box office with western movies. The dream of success of Chinese in Hollywood comes true.

The success of Chinese in Hollywood is built on their hard work, and from another perspective, a reflection of the rising influence of Chinese culture, which showcases the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength. Over the past 30 years since China opened itself to the outside world, China's economy has kept growing at a high speed and its comprehensive national strength has been enhanced continuously and its influence in the world has been increasingly rising. The new Chinese government , led by president Xi Jinping, proposed the great concept of China Dream. And some important measures have been taken to deepen reform in an all round way , which lead to China's prosperity and remarkable development achievements.

China 's development and progress accelerates its communication with other countries in the world and generates strong power to the bilateral relationship between China and Australia. Western Australia, the state closest to China in Australia, enjoys unique advantages while serving as a bridgehead in Australia's economic cooperation with China . I believe the historical progress of realizing China dream will bring more opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. I sincerely wish a better future for the friendly cooperation between China and WA. In this friendship, I truly expect a bigger role that the WACCC will play and a greater contribution to make.

Thank you!

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