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Chinese Acting Consul General Dr.Liu Yutong's Speech on Confucius Forum

Honorable Mr. Kong Xianglin, Professor Fu Youde and Professor Yan Binggang,

Mrs. Fan Hong and Mr. Chu Xianhua, Directors of Confucius Institute,

Mr. Duan Xin, President of ShanDong Association WA,

Dear friends,

Good Afternoon!

It’s my great pleasure to attend Confucius Forum today. At the outset, on behalf of Chinese Consulate-General in Perth, I’d like to extend my congratulations on the opening of the Second Confucius forum. I’d also like to express my sincere gratitude to Confucius Institute and Shandong Association WA for their hard work which makes today's forum successful. I attended the first Confucius Forum last year. It was very successful and I was deeply impressed by the insightful speeches delivered by some scholars.

Confucius has been one of the most prestigious men in ancient China, a great thinker, a politician, an educator and the initiator of Confucianism. He advocated the very essence of what has later become the moral standards and culture norms that Chinese hold in esteem. These values are the most significant culture marks in mainland China and abroad, including patriotism, diligence, courage, self-improvement and harmonious co-existence with others.

Harmony has always been very much valued in human history. It has a profound meaning according to Chinese culture. The Chinese people have been working hard in building a harmonious society. China firmly pursues a foreign policy of peace, independence, mutual trust and inclusiveness, which is and will continue to be contributable to world peace and the mankind. The peaceful rising of the Chinese nation has attracted the whole world’s attention and won respect and appreciation of other civilizations.

Today, Confucius Institute has become an icon of Chinese culture around the world. It is a wide window which demonstrates the quintessence and beauty of Chinese civilization and culture. It is a friendly bridge which enables our foreign friends to better understand China and enhance people-to-people exchanges. More and more countries and regions are willing to see Confucius Institute being built up in their area.

Today we are pleased to have three famous scholars as our keynote speakers. Just as Confucius said, isn’t it delightful to meet friends from afar. I’m so looking forward to their wonderful speeches.

Thank you!

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