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"Western Australia in My Eyes" Introduction to the Photography Exhibition

Western Australia (WA)is quite unique among all states of Australia. It occupies an area of 2.52 million square kilometers, accounting for one third of Australia's landmass. This earns it the name of largest state in Australia. It boasts a long history. Back in the days before Australia was discovered by the Europeans, the Aboriginal people had already been living in WA for over 40 thousand years. WA enjoys a multicultural society. The mere 2.5 million inhabitants of this large State include nationalities and religions of the world. This is one of the reasons why people from all over the world are attracted to visit, live and study in this spectacular State of Australia.

Among the numerous visitors to WA, the Chinese are undoubtedly the largest in number and also the most passionate. Many of them use their cameras to take brilliant snapshots of WA, as perceived with their eyes, thus creating a pictorial impression of vibrant WA. It is for this very reason that we organize this Photography Exhibition entitled "Western Australia in My Eyes".

The 50 photos on display at this exhibition have been carefully selected from some 200 competitive entries. They had been taken by employees of Chinese Enterprises, based in WA, or by overseas students, visiting Professors to WA and by Consular staff of the Chinese Consulate General in Perth. Amateur photographers, as they all are, have taken photos which give a broad and unique perspective, vividly and honestly reflecting the magnificence of the mountains and rivers of WA, its splendid multicultural society and its customs, thus offering the viewers of the exhibition visual enjoyment and inspiration.

We sincerely believe that this photography exhibition will contribute to enhancing the viewers' overall understanding of WA and to promoting increased cultural and people to people exchanges between China and Australia.

Organiser : Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Perth

          Supporters: Australia China Business Council of Western Australia

         China Chamber of Commerce in Australia Perth Branch

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